Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senior Pic Samples 2

Joey S. Class of '09

Senior Pics Samples

Someday I'll get these better organized - and a little more "decorative" :D But for now - this will do - and also give you a good idea of what I am capable of!

Heidi Z. Class of '09 - 1

Heidi Z. Class of '09 - 2

Heidi Z. Class of '09 - 3

Winter Senior Pics

Heidi Z. Class of '09 - Winter

Senior Graduation Announcements

Here are a few examples of Graduation Announcements:

Can you tell she is a music major?
Crystal Class of '08 - 1

And a few other announcements I created for her to give out to friends at school:

Crystal Class of '08 - 2

Crystal Class of '08 - 3

Crystal Class of '08 - 4

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow! I'm officially a "blogger"!

So this is my first post ever as a "blogger"! Bear with me as I get all the kinks worked out! I'm excited to show you all that I have created! (And maybe sometime in the future be able to provide some fun freebies as well!)